The future

In 2010 the Trustees initiated a major review of the Almshouses and engaged architects to draw up plans for complete renovation and modernisation. These were used to assess the cost and timescale for such an operation, including temporary relocation of the residents. The minimum estimate was £600,000.

It became apparent that, although the Almshouses were Grade II listed, and provided a social housing need, they did not meet the grant requirements for community funding.

With limited Charity assets, progress would have required the Trustees to enter into long term loans and mortgages and they were unwilling to commit these liabilities to future generations of Trustees.

The Trustees have now adopted a modular approach to the renovation, seeking grants and using funds as they become available for specific projects.

The current priorities are

  • replacing the failing felted flat roof 1960’s service extensions at the rear of the terrace with insulated pitched roofs
  • insulating and retiling (with the original tiles) of the main roof
  • insulation of the terrace end walls which show the most significant heat loss

Future priorities include

  • damp proofing
  • improved sewer drainage,
  • new water mains
  • gas supply for central heating
  • redesign of the service units (kitchens and bathrooms) to 21st C standards